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Workshops COP-Compliance.com Workshops are designed to guide you through a CMS survey, by experienced professionals who teach and prepare facilities to meet accreditation and compliance standards, and who attend and facilitate onsite surveys.

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  Using the resources, samples and tools from COP Compliance.com Manual, the participant will learn strategies and survey tactics.
  At the conclusion of this dynamic and interactive workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the CMS conditions of participation regulations and interpretive guidelines,
  • Describe the relevant compliance activities and documentation requirements to meet each regulation,
  • Administer a comprehensive organizational self assessment using the COP Compliance Manual,
  • Link key differences/similarities between CMS and Joint Commission survey methodologies.

  Nationwide workshops are both being presented and scheduled.
    • Want a special date?
    • Have a specific group?
    • Have a need?

  The fee for this day and one half, dynamic workshop is $750, which includes the manual!
  Contact us - we can customize for any organization.

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